I will provide you with a legitimate low to high  estimate for your project in order to get any  loan from the bank or simply for reassurance if you are getting a bid from other contractors so you will be in the know!

I have estimated jobs from Churches, Terravita Country Club, CVS Pharmacies, Verizon Stores, Movie Stars Homes to multiple Country Clubs here in Arizona.

Estimates do not include fixtures or appliances as they become a significant amount of difference in price. Best that you ck it out with vendors to get best pricing.

My prices for a  legitimate written Construction Estimate are simple:

Under $ 5,000.00 …………………………………. $ 200.00

Over    $    5,000.00 to $ 10,000.00 ………… $ 300.00

Over    $  10,000,00 to $ 20,000.00………….$ 400.00

Over    $  20,000.00 depending on type of project. Will give job quote.

My Credentials

I am the owner of ADCOM Enterprises LLC. A General Construction Co., Estimator and Director of Construction [D.O.C.] and Project Manager for over 40 years. What little I charge can save you a lot of money verses entering into a bad contract. My Guarantee is if you can’t get the job done by a legitimate, licensed contractor for my price quote; I will do your job and possibly cheaper than my quote.  If we do your job the [Cost of this quote] will be applied to your job!

Sincerely, I thank you;

A. Anderson, Owner and Director of  Construction/ADCOM Enterprises LLC.

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