If you are trying to save your home and struggling to make the payments or if your home is in need of minor to major repairs and there seems to be no options left; we can definitely help you! Together we can bring a little peace and Joy into your life! The nightmare will be over!

AZON is buying residential homes and refurbishing them to pristine condition which will  raise the property value for other homes in the area and this will also give higher value to other home owners when they are ready to sell and yes; you will be the “good Samaritan”, neighbor that made the difference.



We can pay off your mortgage and stop the Auction for good and give you enough money for a new start and the best thing about it is; you will not have a foreclosure against your credit. Yes; your credit will still need to be repaired and in your best interest; hopefully you will do this with only a small portion of the money!

All you will have to do is call your bank/mortgage co. to get your exact loan amount so we can pay them off. Won’t that be an awesome feeling and burden lifted from your life. Starting over with nothing can be terrifying; but starting over with Money in your pocket can be very Gratifying. You have a choice!

So! Before your home goes to foreclosure and then to auction. Please email us before it is to late. I can honestly help you!


Same as option 1 except, after we pay off your house , we will remodel and update it as to get the most value from your home and sell it to get you even more money for a new start. I recommend this option> Usually, I will get you 15 to 25 per cent more cash out.

To find out how this works. Simply fill out form at bottom of any page on my website. We will contact you,  show you how easy this can be and we will take care of the rest. The best thing about this solution. You will do nothing and pay nothing for either Option. We will just pay off your debt and get you the money you deserve!

Email me at:  [go to contact us] at top or bottom of page 

Attention: A.G. Angel 

P.S. If you believe your home is under water or if you owe more than your house is worth. This probably will not work for you!

Note: All legal documents are done through our Realty and Title Company, Licensed by the state of Arizona Licensing Board.


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